Mission and Board Members


Mission:  To preserve, protect and restore Selma and Dallas County’s past by supporting educational, entertaining, and constructive methods of displaying, preserving, protecting, and restoring historic structures and locales in and around the Selma and Dallas County area. PRESERVE, PROTECT, RESTORE.
President: Greg Bjelke president@historicselma.org
1st Vice Pres (Pres Elect): Paula Wyatt
2nd Vice Pres (Membership): Charles Moss
3rd Vice Pres (Meetings): Gene Henderson
Past President : Duncan Hope
Secretary: Marsha Carmichael
Treasurer: Candi Duncan
2014-17 2015-18
Members at Large: Members at Large: Members at Large:
Elise Blackwell Greg Bjelke Judy McPhillips
Sylvia Smith Stephen Brooks Stephen Posey
Norm Trotter Randy Williams William Powell
Paula Wyatt
Kenan’s Mill Festival Chair: Sylvia Smith
Pilgrimage Chair: Greg Bjelke & Annabelle Bone