Historic Property Signs & Plaques

One of these signs would be a welcome addition to your historic home.

Selma takes pride in its designation as home to the largest historic district in Alabama, and we wear that honor with plaques posted at the entrances of our historic homes.

With more than 1200 structures dating from the 1820s, Selma promotes the identification and preservation of historic property with different-colored plaques that denote the period of construction.

They are as follows:

Blue: Buildings constructed prior to 1865

Yellow: Buildings constructed after 1865 and prior to 1910

Green: Buildings constructed after 1910 and at least 50 years old

These plaques appeal not only to the local community, but also to visitors who often tour the historic districts via walking and driving tours. They can refer to tour guides for more information about the homes, but even without guides, the plaques provide the approximate time period.

For homes that don’t have plaques yet, homeowners can apply for them through the Historic Society. Download the Plaque Agreement here.  The total fee is $50 with $10 for the non-refundable application fee. An architectural adviser may be used for recommendation as to plaque determination.

In the event that the home has been altered, its façade should reflect the original design. If the alteration or addition is significant, then the age of the addition may control the plaque determination.

Wouldn’t you like to have one in your front yard?

The SDCHPS has purchased signage like the one pictured on the right to be used to promote the historic nature of the homes in Selma and Dallas County. The signs will have the house builder’s name and the year constructed in white lettering. We feel that these signs will help with identification of specific properties when one takes the wind shield tour offered by the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to this, the signs will help promote historic preservation and awareness. The price is set near cost and all proceeds, if any, from the project will be reinvested in our Historic Signs and Plaques Program, as well as, other preservation projects.

Please print the Historic Property Signs Application, complete  and mail it and a check to: SDCHPS, P.O. BOX 586, Selma, AL 36702-0586.