Tremont School Restoration

Tremont School

The SDCHPS has been offered a $10,000 Challenge Grant for Tremont SchoolWe need your donations to help us earn the full $10,000.  We are going to have to put a new roof on the building as repair costs are above the price of a new roof.  This $20,000 would be a great start toward the rehab work.

challenge grantSpecifics:

  1. For each $1 contributed by an individual or company other than board members, a match of $1 will be contributed.  (As of mid-April, general members, civic groups and local businesses have contributed a total of $1,320.)
  2. For each $1 contributed by a board member or anyone who has been a board member of the SDCHPS within the last 10 years, $2 will be contributed.  (As of mid-April, Gery Anderson, Nancy Bennett, Marsha Carmichael, Candi Duncan, Gene Henderson, Jonathan Matthews, Charles Moss, Sylvia Smith and Norm Trotter have contributed a total of $1,015.)
  3. Click the Donate button on our website or send donations to SDCHPS, PO Box 586, Selma, AL  36702-0586.  Please mark them with “Tremont School” so that they will be put towards this project.

A $10,000 Cultural Facilities Planning Grant from the Alabama State Council on the ASCAlogoHRArts has been awarded for the year October 1, 2015–September 30, 2016.  Planning grants are awarded for such things as feasibility studies, use plans, needs assessment and other contracted work related to the intended operations for an arts facility.  national-endowment-for-the-arts-gets-budget-cut-donald-trump-to-push-nea-out-of-officeThe grant is made possible through an appropriation of the Alabama State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.  The work under a planning grant is preliminary to actual design work and construction, and is a necessary prerequisite for funding for those phases.  A match of $10,000 is required.  Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Tremont School Project may send a check made payable to SDCHPS to PO Box 586, Selma, AL  36702-0586.  Please put “Tremont” on the reference line of your check.  To make a contribution by credit card, please call Candi Duncan, SDCHPS Treasurer, at 334-412-8550.

Previous work completed in 2011 just after acquisition of the building included repairing all the front windows and installing storm windows over those, roof repairs, debris removal and some work on electrical systems.  To date over $81,000 has been invested in the renovation, with all of the work done by Selma vendors.  As of 2015 additional roof repairs are needed and ongoing.

Original post:  This 25,000 square foot structure has two full floors above ground, and a full basement. This brick structure is an early 20th century Revival style, and was built in 1913 as Selma’s first High School. Ager and Cline were chosen as contractors, and William T. Warren from Birmingham, one of Alabama’s foremost architects, designed the school.Most of the Tremont Street structure has remained unused for decades with the school district only using the basement for storage. A deed search indicates that the building has been owned by the City of Selma since 1957 (Deed Book 497, page 2). The previous owner, the City School Board of Selma acquired the lots in 1911 (Deed Book 232, page 326).The structure is still sound, but there is an immediate need for window and roof repairs. Before the structure could be occupied, it will also need new electrical service, a new HVAC system, new plumbing and restrooms, and repairs to walls, floors, doors, and ceilings. An elevator and other accessibility accommodations need to be made. An asbestos and lead paint assessment and abatement program has to be undertaken.