Ala-Tom RC&D Council Awards Grants

On September 26, the Ala-Tom RC&D Council awarded grants to its Dallas County recipients. SDCHPS received $2000 to continue renovations on the Tremont School. In 2017, we received $4000 from Ala-Tom for professional architectural design on the roof replacement phase of the project.

A total of $78,000 in grants were awarded in Dallas County. SDCHPS’ grant writer Sylvia Smith accepted on our behalf.

L to R: Sheryl Smedley, Noopie Cosby, Dallas County Commissioner Roy Moore and Sylvia Smith.

L to R: Sheryl Smedley, State Rep. Prince Chestnut, Sylvia Smith,  Noopie Cosby, State Sen. Malika Sanders-Fortier and Candi Duncan.