Membership Benefits and Form

You Can Give to a Future for Selma’s Past

You can be a vital part of preserving the historic beauty of Selma and Dallas County for future generations by joining like-minded history buffs at the Selma Dallas County Historical Society. You don’t need to be an expert renovator or know the dates of key buildings. All you need is an interest in preserving, protecting and restoring the unique historical beauty of this area.

The Historical Society, served by a volunteer board, supports several restoration projects of valuable historic sites so that future generations may enjoy them. These include Kenan’s Grist Mill, with its twice-annual cornmeal grinding, foot-stomping folk festivals, the Iron Foundry, recollecting Selma’s early industry producing steam engines and cotton presses, and Tremont School, the city’s first high school. The Society also sponsors the annual Spring Pilgrimage, featuring beautiful homes and churches of Selma’s past.

In appreciation for your support, your membership helps preserve, protect and restore the unique and special historic beauty of the area for future generations, our children and our grandchildren.

A nonprofit, the Historical Society was founded 48 years ago and has assisted the City of Selma and Dallas County with many projects over the years, including historical surveys, signs and maps, national registration for historic places, and funds for repairs of public properties of historical significance.

Please join us! Read and download the 2019 SDCHPS membership letter (page 1, page 2) and complete the attached form. Make your check payable to SDCHPS and mail the form and check to the SDCHPS, P.O. Box 586, Selma, AL 36702.

Thank you!